Dr. Jennifer Kunst

I really believe that in order to know someone you must have a live, personal encounter with them. But until we have such an opportunity, I’ll introduce myself by way of my vital (professional) statistics. 🙂

I am a clinical psychologist, licensed in California (PSY 14584) since 1996. I first earned a PhD in clinical psychology at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology and then went on to further training at the Psychoanalytic Center of California (PCC) where I earned a PsyD and certification in psychoanalysis. For those of you interested in analytic training, I am also a Training and Supervising Analyst at PCC.

My clinical background involves work with people of all ages and many walks of life. I have worked in a community mental health center, a residential treatment center, a private boarding school, an inpatient psychiatric hospital, a state forensic hospital, and a group private practice. Since 2003, I have enjoyed the freedom of being in solo private practice at the historic 595 E. Colorado Blvd. Building in Pasadena.

In addition to my clinical work, I teach psychoanalytic theory and technique to graduate students and other mental health professionals. I also have a keen interest in writing about psychoanalysis for both professional and lay audiences. Click  to find out more: MY BOOK and MY BLOG.